I designed and ran a Group for Postnatal Depression, in a Children's Centre in South London, within the NHS for Mind in Bexley. This Group was based on a successful group run in Australia by the Parent-Infant Institute. This Group helped parents to look at at a range of ways to help them recover from post-natal depression, including developing a balanced lifestyle, learning relaxation 'on the run', challenging negative beliefs, improving confidence, and finding realistic strategies to deal with the everyday pressures of new parenthood.

Postnatal depression | London


I designed and ran a Group, which helped members to develop their confidence and assertiveness. This Group was based on Hope and Heimberg's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Anxiety Group, but was expanded to include Assertiveness Skills. Group members learnt how to challenge their self-critical beliefs, to develop self acceptance and confidence, and finally to use assertiveness skills in challenging situations.

Confidence & Assertiveness Group | London